Mallu..Malooos..Keralites..Malayalees..what more to say??

I’m not staying that far from Kerala.

I can land in the natural beauty in 12 hrs if by train or in 3 hrs if by flight.

But still I don’t like staying in Kerala.
At times,I ponder about the reasons to miss my domicile.I am confused whether I am missing the climate or the people,or the food or the culture.

During my college days in Trichy,on my way home in our favorite Tea Garden Express,there was no need to get up in the middle of the night to check whether the train has crossed Valayar.

You know why?A gush of cold wind will touch my feet making my whole body shiver.

When the train reaches the chilling Palghat from the terribly hot Trichy,it is like a relief we fell while getting inside an air-conditioned ATM during noon.

After reaching home,once I take a cold shower,i will feel like heaven.As the water is not hard,I will feel so light.

Then come our favorite “Puttu” (Steam cake) and “Kadala Curry”(Groundnut) with two bananas and two Kerala papad.Perfect breakfast!!

Even though I get Kerala food in Chennai,I do miss my Mom’s Puttu and Kadala Curry.

Kerala is always a dream place where we can have Kerala food,watch Malayalam movies on the release day and can hear people talking Malayalam around you.

In the end what confuses me is the “unknown” reason restraining me from settling in Kerala.

Mystery Yet to be solved!!!! 😀

6 thoughts on “Kerala..

  1. I can understand your feelings about kerala. It is only abnormal if you dont feel like this.
    Puttu is my favourite breakfast item. I used to have it everyday for months together. Even in Bangalore, thanks to the many kerala hotels around, I’m able to continue with my ‘puttu’ days.

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