As today is Saturday,after having aunty’s evening coffee,I was in no mood to cuddle with a book.Suddenly I thought of having a black forest pastry.(Yummy!!! 🙂 )

In two minutes I got out of the house and walked to the Hot Breads.December is the best month for stroll.Sun will be lazy to shine well and winds slow down their pace to caress my hair.

I was welcome by the security *Dada and I sat in the corner of the shop from where I can see the colorful and tasty pastries under the limelight.

A black forest,an apple pie and a cold coffee.I gleefully made my order.

I grabbed the latest Twinkle comics while coming back home.Saturday evening well spent.I was happy and smiled at the world.

Now coming back to the original motive of writing this post.

Imagine that I had this very thought of having a black forest pastry at 7pm when I’m in Calicut.Then the incident explained above will come under the group “impossible”.(Because girls are not supposed to go out after 6pm.I think now the curfew is from 7pm. )

Let us analyze the imagination and the complexity in making it happen on a Saturday evening in Calicut.

Scene 1 :

Time : 2pm

Post lunch,I want to have a black forest.For 1 hour,I will break my head how to get out of the house.


Scene 2:  

Time : 3.30pm

I will call up my mom to get the permission to go out to the pastry shop.She will promise me to bring two black forest pastries on her way back home from work. (She won’t understand that I want the pastry now and not after 3 hrs 😡 ) At last she will surrender for my torture.She will pass it for the level 2 approval.


Scene 3 :  

Time :  3.50pm

I will call up Dad.I will repeat the story. He will promise me to get me how many ever black forests I need but I will get those only after 10pm 😡  😡 I will nag,I will weep and I will sob.At last permission will granted but only if my brother or driver accompanies me.
Grrr…but still 😀 😀


Scene 4 :  

Time : 4.15pm

Both my brother and the driver are busy.So I have to go out alone(Happy!!). But the top management has to approve.To make my mission successful,I will go to grandmother’s room,I will make her understand the situation and what a black forest is.By this then,My verbal hard work will make me exhausted 😦 She will tell me about staring and ogling eyes,eve teasing and rape(what more???)


Scene 5 :

Time : 4.35pm

I’m all ready to get out of my home.I will open the gate to see such an unpleasant surprise.My driver brings me the black forest saying that it will be too late for me to return after going to Hot Breads 😦


Scene 6 :

Time : 5pm

I’m tired,I’m irritated.All I wanted to yell at somebody.But still I got what I wanted.So I ate the pastry without making any more complaints.

It has been 8 months that I have gone home.Now you know the reason 😀 😀

8 thoughts on “Freedom!!!

  1. 1. Very very irresponsible, petty, childish reason for a “mature Working-woman” not going home!! Tch Tch Tch!!
    2. I WANT Hot-Breads Black Forest NOW!! Stupid Delhi pastry shops are hopeless x-(

  2. So where are you now. And where is this Hot Breads? And why don’t I get a black forest, an apple pie and a cold coffee 🙂

    Looks like most places in India other than Mumbai place curfew on women at night.

    1. Going out after 6pm is considered as very bad..People will talk about it..And there as usual people are more concerned about others’ matters..So they they will make it as an issue 😦

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