Guest Posts

A Lot can Happen Over a Tomato

This is a guest post written by me for Joshi’s blog The Tomato Blog.The post is all about tomato and its effect on me.

Mujhse Dosti Karoge?

Other than a woman,who else could write about women friendships?Zaira has written beautifully about women friendships and I’m sure,after reading the last word of the article,you would sigh and say “hmmm..yeah I know how it feels”.She has written it with so much of emotion that we would feel attached to every word in the article.I’m glad that she wrote for me when I asked her for a post.

My Blunders with Women Part 1 & Part2

Blunders with women is common but if you want to read about the CLASSIC blunders with women,please do click here.Joshi has woven this autobiographical piece in such a hilarious way that you will not stop laughing.Trust me.All the glories to him.

If Pune were India

Have you ever wondered like “OMG!!How do people write AWESOME posts?”Then Debo is the answer for that question.This post reveals her unconditional love for the city Pune,Maharashtra.I’m sure the next thing you would do after reading the post will be to go to her blog and click on the subscribe button.

The Utopian Indian Society

Oh you don’t know Amit?Are you serious?Please don’t tell anybody that you don’t know Amit Sharma.


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